Book of Common Prayer in Malay Jawi script
Bahwa ini kitab sembahyang yang di-pakai dalam majlis orang Kristian dan 'adat membahagi sekremen dan lain rukun dan adat dalam gereja menurut adat gereja negeri England dan Ireland.
Translated by Francis Thomas McDougall.
Singapore: Borneo Mission, 1857.

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William Muss-Arnolit discusses the history of this translation into Malay, using the Jawi alphabet derived from Arabic:

The first translation into Malay of considerable portions of the Prayer Book was made by the Rev. (later Bishop) F. T. McDougall. The book was in Malay-Arabic characters, and was published in 1857 at Singapore, from lithographed plates, 8vo. It included the Psalter. The expenses were borne by the S.P.C.K.

Francis Thomas McDougall was born at Sydenham, England, in 1817. He was ordained in 1845 by Bishop Stanley, of Norwich. In December, 1847, he set out for Borneo, to do mission work under the auspices of the newly-constituted Rajah of Sarawak, Sir James Brooke. In the part of Borneo where McDougall settled all three races were to be found, viz., the Malays, who had come over from the Malay peninsula on the opposite shore and were the ruling class, the native Dyaks, and the immigrant Chinese.

The fact that the young missionary was a graduate in medicine assisted him greatly in his work, although the idea of medical missions was not then understood, and was even frowned on by many. As early as 1850 McDougall speaks of the Malay translation of the Catechism, from which he proceeded to the translation of the entire Book of Common Prayer. The “Borneo Church Mission Fund” was set up in 1846, in answer to Rajah Brooke’s request for help. Under its auspices McDougall had begun his work. In 1853 the mission was transferred to the S.P.G. and McDougall became the Society’s first missionary to Borneo. A few years later he was elected the first bishop of Labuan and Sarawak. In his work as bishop he was very successful. Converts, both among the Dyaks and the Chinese, increased. He re-wrote in the roman character the Malay Prayer Book, which he had published in 1857, and prepared, together with Zehnder, A Catechism of the Christian Religion in Malay and English, for the use of the missions in the Church in Borneo, to assist and guide the native teachers in catechising. This was published by the S.P.C.K. in 1868. It contained the Malay in roman characters on the one side, and the English on the opposite page. Ill-health compelled the bishop to return to England in 1867 and to resign his bishopric the following spring. He died in 1886.

David Griffiths identifies the translation as 100:1 in his Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer 1549-1999 (London: The British Library; New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Press, 2002).

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