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Welcome to my personal website, which I envision as a way of easily sharing material of private interest that may be useful to others.

An academic website with my CV and other information is available at

In 1999, I founded Project Canterbury, which is a free online archive of out of print Anglican books, pamphlets, documents and other related materials.

I have also been a member since 1999 of the Living Church Foundation, publisher of The Living Church magazine, and a frequent contributor to its online and print publications.

My personal library is catalogued on LibraryThing. I maintain a wordpress page on mostly bibliographic issues, and a twitter account of no consquence.

Nashotah House Theological Seminary houses the Richard Mammana Pamphlet Collection, an archival sub collection with strengths in nineteenth-century Anglican and Episcopal institutions, controversies, homiletics, liturgy, ecumenism, and missionary activity.
Last updated: July 2015
Richard J. Mammana, Jr.