Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By

Fifty-nine pictures by T. Noyes Lewis, illustrating the Official Life of our Lord Jesus Christ, as set forth in the Gospels appointed for use at Holy Communion throughout the Year.

London: The Faith Press, 1919.
Digitized by Richard Mammana, 2014.

Advent I.

Advent II.

Advent III.

Advent IV.

Christmass Day

Christmass I

Christmass II

Epiphany I

Epiphany II

Epiphany III

Epiphany IV

Epiphany V

Epiphany VI

Ash Wednesday




Lent I

Lent II

Lent III

Lent IV

Lent V

Lent VI

Good Friday

Easter Day

Easter I

Easter II

Easter III

Easter IV

Easter V


Ascension I


Trinity Sunday

Trinity I

Trinity II

Trinity III

Trinity IV

Trinity V

Trinity VI

Trinity VII

Trinity VIII

Trinity IX

Trinity X

Trinity XI

Trinity XII

Trinity XIII

Trinity XIV

Trinity XV

Trinity XVI

Trinity XVII

Trinity XVIII

Trinity XIX

Trinity XX

Trinity XXI

Trinity XXII

Trinity XXIII

Trinity XXIV

Trinity Last