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The Book of Common Prayer


Current Projects

Transcription and edition of the journals of Harry Croswell (1778-1858), rector of Trinity Church, New Haven (1815-1858).

Transcription and edition of the journal of James DeKoven (1831-1879), church educator, warden of Racine College.

Edition of letters by Charles Chapman Grafton (1830-1912) to The Living Church.

Index of issues of The Living Church magazine, 1878 to present.

Bibliographic biography of Clinton Rogers Woodruff (1868-1948).

Bibliography of the Childermote Library.

Bibliography of the Library of Anglo-Catholic Library.

Digitizing of Anglican liturgical materials: c. 135 languages in c. 275 editions to 2019.

History of St. Alban's Church, New York.
Last updated: January 2019
Richard J. Mammana, Jr.