Liturgies of the [Anglican] Diocese of Iran

The Diocese of Iran is one of the four dioceses of the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East; it consists of four congregations. The diocese was established in 1912 as the Diocese of Persia and was incorporated into the Jerusalem archbishopric in 1957. Two earlier translations of Anglican liturgies into classical Persian are also available online at these addresses:

Liturgiæ Ecclesiae Anglicanae partes præcipuæ: sc. preces matutinæ et vespertinæ, ordo administrandi cænam Domini, et ordo baptismi publici; in Linguam Persicam traductæ.
Translated by Samuel Lee and Mirza Muhammad Ibrahim.
London: R. Watts for the Prayer Book and Homily Society, 1828.

کتاب نمازنامۀ عام کليساى مقدس انکلستان در ايران که بدست اقل العباد رابرط بروس کشيش انکليس ترجمه شد
Kitāb-i namāznāmah-i ʻāmm-i kilīsā-yi muqaddas-i Inglkistān dar Īrān kih bi-dast-i aqall al-ʻibād Rābirṭ Brūs kashīsh-i Inklīs tarjumah shud.

London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1898.

An English translation of this diocese's modern liturgy is available online here:

An Order of Holy Communion for Experimental Use in the Diocese of Iran (1971)

This directory includes two documents in modern Persian (Farsi):

Holy Communion (no date)

Daily and Pastoral Offices (no date)

Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
The Litany
Prayers and Thanksgivings
Nowruz (Persian New Year)
Baptism of Infants and Adults

These documents were digitized in June 2017 by Richard Mammana from personal copies.